April Update and Some May Goals

I managed to get through my goals from April, but I sure didn’t make it look pretty. I dragged my feet on every single item (this blog post being 5 days late is proof enough!) and only felt like I was doing quality work in short bursts.

I was able to send out my queries, hand off a copy of 50 Proof to my three beta readers, and get six chapters of Book 3 edited- plus, a secret little side project (details here!)- in and around all the distractions this past month.

To be entirely honest, I’m not sure May will be much better. The weather has really turned around here and my responsibilities that come with the season take me away from my computer. All my baby animals and landscaping projects are calling me, and it’s been so nice exploring our yard and beyond with the kids, especially now that they’re all old enough to run around without being carried or needing to pack a million things with us.

It’s a wonderful break and fantastic for my mental health, but not terribly conducive for productivity.

But regardless of all the fun to be had outside, I need to stay focused. School will be out in a few short weeks and I’ll have even less time for writing, so I need to push through now so I can accommodate all the fun to be had over the summer. To that end, my May goals are:

  1. Query 6 more agents
  2. Finish up the final edits on 50 Proof before passing it off to my editor
  3. Edit ten more chapters of Book 3 – Something To Prove

As much as I’d love to be able to dedicate the time it would take to finish the first round of edits on Something To Prove or make some progress on my short story idea, I think I’d just be setting myself up for failure if I made it an official goal. Plus, the new venture I’m collaborating on will take some planning time too… Maybe I’ll surprise myself and blow past ten chapters, or get really motivated and hammer out a first draft of a short story. That would be awesome!

Since I’m all about the outside projects right now, I’d love to hear what you have planned outside! Share your spring projects below!


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