May Update and Some June Goals

May was an exciting month, writing wise! Not only did I get my manuscript to my editor at the beginning of the month, but I already got it back last week. During the in between time I was able to:

  • query six more agents
  • revise my query letter
  • make some editing progress on Book 3, though I came under on achieving my goal of 10 chapters
  • focus on the new #WM_Chat Twitter chat

This past month I also came to terms with the notion that my writing time is going to suffer for the next few months. These past couple have been a struggle to keep up with my usual pace and goals, plus all the life-type stuff going on here. But, now that our animal count is nearing the 100 mark, the yard/garden is in constant need of tending, and the kids aren’t satisfied to just stay in our backyard when the weather is so nice, I’ve decided to not beat myself up about my slower pace.

In January when I set my year-goals I left myself plenty of grace room, and I’m choosing to use a bit of that. I’m going to keep my monthly goals simple for the next couple of months and when my writing time is back on schedule I think I’ll be more than ready to jump in with the right mindset and some pent up motivation!

So, with that in mind, my goals for June are:

  • query six agents
  • complete revisions on Book Two and return to the editor for another pass
  • participate in @WriterMomsInc #booksofsummer Instagram challenge

That’s it! Short. Simple. Manageable.

Anyone else feeling the need to pare things down over summer?


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