The Prove It Series

The Prove It Series is a four book series that blends strong women, messy lives, and happily ever afters.

Book One: Prove Me Wrong

She has everything she thought she wanted…

Christina Shipley has a close group of friends, a great thesis project that was setting her up for the career of her dreams, miles between her old life and nothing tying her down. The only problem was the feeling that while she was busy burying herself in school and work, life was passing her by. Anything long term was out of the question, but it was nothing the gorgeously rugged man flirting with her at the bar couldn’t fix.

…until he made her want more

Luke Prescott’s past had a way of following him around but now that he was earning his keep at his old man’s company he was finally getting his life back on track after years of wrong turns. When he meets Christina after a less than stellar day an easy hookup seems like a win for both of them. Except it doesn’t take Luke long to realize that only one night with the smartest, most wickedly stubborn woman to ever take a chance on him just isn’t going to cut it.

Being pursued by Luke seems like a harmless a game until a traumatic encounter brings back all the reasons she doesn’t want a relationship and all the things she would rather keep hidden. Christina must decide if the pain of sharing her secrets with Luke is worth the risk or if she instead should bury them deeper and hope they stay hidden for good this time.

Prove Me Wrong is a journey of tearing down barriers, healing the past and finding love when you need it most. It’s the first standalone novel in the Prove It series.


Book Two: 50 Proof

Reina Corsino has never been in a rush to have it all together. While her friends busied themselves getting college degrees, or jobs, or boyfriends, or husbands, she was happy to work only as much as needed to pay the rent and buy beer. That is until she realizes her rent was about to double and she would be lucky to afford canned ham, let alone beer.

In a moment of desperation, Reina entertains the idea of reigniting her plans of working in a law office. It had been eight years since that had been a serious consideration, but with everything to lose and no other options, she takes a job as a low paying, hoop jumping legal assistant. She’s just as surprised as anyone that it does more than just pay the bills. She actually likes it. And it doesn’t hurt that the associate down the hall is every bit as rich, balanced and spicy as the over priced scotch he drinks. Add in his nerdy glasses and the fact that he blushes at the even her tamest sex jokes and he’s what fantasies are made of.

Steven Winther had always had goals loftier than those set out before him. Dismissing an opportunity to stay in his hometown, he’s worked hard the past 10 years to put himself in a good position at the law office as an associate and is now looking at the potential to move up in the firm. A top case, a good

When Reina’s boss, the firms senior associate and Steven’s mentor, becomes ill and takes a leave of absence, Reina is expected to pull up her professional socks and work under Steven as his new legal assistant. Steven’s confident he can master the challenge of taking over the firms toughest cases, especially with the promise of extra help, if only that extra help wasn’t Reina. She was a force unto herself and he could never seem to say the right thing when she was around. Not without a little liquid courage first.

Working with the object of her fantasies seems harmless enough. Or it was until he makes it clear that he feels the same way about her. With her first grown up job as the price, Reina isn’t sure if the game is worth it. And the more time she spends with him, she’s starting to wonder if those in her life who seem to have it together might just be better at hiding the truth.

50 Proof is a story of denial, change and love and how the hardest choices are and the best way to love someone is to distance yourself.


Book Three: Something To Prove

Book 3: Something to Prove
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Six months ago, Kate was exactly where she wanted to be in life. She had a stable, influential career, an academically distinguished husband and a wonderful step daughter. Now, with the simple act of a broken vow, all Kate has left is a tidy settlement and a tenuous connection to the girl she called her daughter for five years. Oh, and her mother calling with a list of all the ways she’s screwed up her life.

Kate needs a temporary escape. Someone who doesn’t remind of what she didn’t have. Someone like Franco, an artist who would never have turned her head before, but who is the only one that doesn’t hold her to the expectations she can no longer maintain.

As free as Kate feels at Franco’s, she can’t help but acknowledge that there’s no way he would ever fit into the perfect reality she’s striving for. In an effort to stop moping and start getting her life back on track, Kate’s ready to walk away from anything that’s creating complexities in her life, even if those things aren’t things at all. Walking away from her ex step daughter and the man she’s distractingly wrapped up in are on the top of her list, but walking away from the two best things in her life, no matter how messy and complex they make it, is easier said than done.

Simple doesn’t mean perfect. And perfect on paper isn’t all that easy.


Book Four: Nothing to Prove

Coming soon.

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