Combining her love of word craft and psychology, Everly Reed writes contemporary romance novels that touch on the darker side of human emotion. She lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband, three rowdy kids, a dog, a herd of cats and some very moody chickens.

A Little About Me

Writing has been a constant for me throughout my life. In childhood and throughout my teen years I used writing as a way of determining who I was and finding a connection when one was hard to find anywhere else. More recently writing was a way of staying connected to my adult self when the responsibilities of wife and mother and caretaker started to overwhelm. That simple desire turned into a career and I am grateful for my ability to write for so many reasons.

In my day job I put my psychology background to use and counsel children and their families, helping them realize their self-worth, overcome the tragedies in their past, or find ways to cope with the tragedies that they live with every day. Their stories and their strengths inspire me and fuel my writing. I hope that through my writing I can reach other people who are struggling.

I’m a believer that through stories and community great healing can happen.

Feel free to stick around, explore more about me and my writing, and get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

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